An embrace between lake and sky
The Morcote Castle Estate is situated on the Arbostora promontory, completely encircled by Lake Ceresio. It is located in the southernmost part of the canton of Ticino, facing Italy. This vast area slopes gently towards the lake, amongst woods, spacious meadows, terraces replete with vineyards and olive trees, stone cottages and a medieval castle: 172 acres of untouched nature where vineyards and olive trees are cultivated, orchards grow, beekeeping is practised, and donkeys and horses run freely. The picturesque villages of Morcote, Vico Morcote and Carona with their narrow cobbled streets, arcades and houses enhance the scenery with ancient and evocative splendour.

Morcote Castle is located in the heart of the estate, and its dominant position on a cliff, 200 meters above the lake overlooking the village of Morcote, makes for breathtaking scenery. It was built by the Visconti – Dukes of Milan – in around 1450, on land where medieval fortifications and a Roman watchtower were formerly positioned.

A story of people who believed in a dream